Holiday Pay! 

Happy 4th of July. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 So being the humble and spectacular puppy schnauzer I am, I didn’t mind doing a little doggy work today.  Ooooof course, it’s a holiday, sooooo that’s double the treat me’s!!!! Yo! Canine labor laws! 

So here I am, WORkING! Oh my gosh! Do you know how long it took me to Finish off that silly raw hide chew toy? Like, FOREVER! I’ll just put it this way, my work ethic could bring a smile to a Kim Kardashian selfie. 

However, this feline, not so much.  


That’s the kitty sistah, who as you can see is really breaking a claw today. She even has the audacity to say she’s tired because I chase her around the house! Seriously? Over and over I run up to her, with a big smile, big bark hello, and all she can do is hissss like a Buuuuuut I’m the bad one? Oh really? Someone needs to read schnauzers are from Venus and tabbies are from Mars! I’d even compromise and read love languages, cause I really don’t get how a feline cobra-Esque hissy fit says hello, welcome to the pack! 

What does holiday pay get the pet parent? My first Heel strictly with a clicker. Woooo whooo! She was so happy I got double praise and double treats later on. 

This fourth of July  has been great. I got my daily walk at the reservoir, xtra training sessions with double rewards, no fireworks, no swimming lessons, and I did my first adult dog command like big schnauzer. 



Peaceful paws! 🐾😎🌻


Brrrrr! It’s Soo Cold in July! 

I will nevvvvver say, it’s hot AGAIN! Nevaaaah!! 

Why? Because just when I’m sure my pet parent isn’t listening, she is! And what’s the problem with that? Ideas!! Ideas come to her!! Ideas, that usually result in me “growing” and becoming a more “confident” puppy. Honestly, has she noticed a lack of schnauzer confidence around here! I think not! 


Sadly though, she has noticed my avoidance of water. It’s a choice! Not a fear! It’s better to be dry! Hello! Fluffy fur! 

So I say it’s hot. 💡ding! She sees cool water and makes a trip to some weird people place called Walmart. 

She returns with this-  

Uhhhh do you see any schnauzers in this picture?  â¬‡ï¸â¬‡ï¸â¬‡ï¸â¬‡ï¸

  Nope! Moi neither! But what do we know, right? I only have exceptional sight. So here we go, pet parent insanity. Find your swimmies fast! 

Apperantly she got the safari watering hole. Lol! Here I was thinking it was a pool. Boy is she gunna be sorry when the lions and the Tigers show up!! Or in these burbs, the raccoons, skunks, and deer! You’ll be sorreeeee!  

Oh ya, this is gonna be good. What do you think?    
Did I just hear her say, what was I thinking? Lol!! Oh noooo she didn’t!!! 

   Yessssss! What were you thinking? Would it have been so hard to just get ice cream? 

Do I really need a water feature right now? No. I am suppose to be the only water feature around here! 

Do you see the madness I live with? I only have 13 more years of this right?

Note to self! It’s never hot enough for my paws in water!!

 Oooooo! I just saw a floating oak leaf! Wait a minute! No! I will not be tricked into play! Float away little oak leaf! Float away! I’m sure a zebra will come along with your name on it.  

Ok this is just wrong! She  grabbed the Treat Me’s! That’s just wrong. 

But I’m over here! And the treat me is over there! And that requires walking across the very large and absurd dog bowl of water I currently reside in!!!! So unfair! 

How much do I love bacon Treat Me’s? This much! 

What have I learned today? I can’t wait for winter! I know, I know, I should be greatful. I know there are millions of dogs in the world without fancy safari watering holes to prance around in.   But look at this!  

Water legs! Oh the shame! I could just chew her shoes!!! Hmmm Orr I could chew the on theeee pool! Who has the bright ideas now mon sweet pet parent?💡💡💡

Moving Right Along 

whew! It’s hot! 

I’m happy to get up early! Woof! 

Pet parent would say getting up early is RuFF! But she knows, the later the hotter and more crowded. Sorta kills the joy of early morning walks For her. I’m too much of a celebrity, takes us forever with all the people stopping to ask if I’m a puppy. 

Why yesssss I am! Awwww! 🙂 

  This way! I’m pack leader!! (Shhhhh! Don’t tell the dog trainer I know I’m the REAL pack leader!)

I’ve become very comfortable with the docks for canoes. Each morning I make sure they are secure. I like to stop and nibble on the metal chains to make sure the chains are nice and tight. Boy! Do my puppy teeth love that! Pet parent, not so much. She squirms. 

Check! All secure today! 

A few weeks ago, you never would have seen me walk out on the edge! Now, I’m the master edge walker! Take that deep pool of water! I’m not scared of you! Yahoo! 

Canadian geese beware! There’s a new schnauzer in town! You can fly north or south, thank you! 

Today we saw a big turtle. No pics, he was under water. I don’t swim, uhhh . . . Yet? I suspect I’ll be expected to swim soon. Puts  ears back. Oh joy! Can we pleeeeze move to Arizona? Por favor?!?

Road Trip Swag 

So once I could see through my puppy dog crush for D, I saw gifts for meeeeee! Thank Youuuuuu Aunti T!

Now a smarter pet parent would have taken a picture of the basket filled and ready to be received, buuuut not mine. Sigh. So you’ll have to use your  imagination.

Gifts came in this –

 Super dooper cute dog toy basket.

Matching folding  travel bowl!! Omg!! (We don’t understand why it says Bench Seat cover though? Hmfff . . . scratches ears.)

And the basket was filled with all these fun things-


 Train me treats! Yum! I’m trained!!

Two rope chew toys, one alligator, one mouse. Love them! (Mouse not pictured because it’s under the seat in the car. Pet Parent hasn’t noticed yet. Heee Heee! I’ll watch her look around for it for a few more days until I magically discover the mouse.  I’m such a good doggie! I know, soooo sneaky! But I’ll get praise and treats! You just gotta do what you gotta do to get treats!)

Bath towel that also helps massage my growing muscles! With embroidered paw so pet parent can’t swipe it!! MINE! MINE! MINE!! 🙂 

Miniture tennis balls. Heee heee! I’ll be using those to spark some chaos in the house with the cat! 

Scented potty bags, color coordinated with pet toy basket! Yo! Who IS  MY pet stylist!! Aunti T is!!!  NO tacky trash bags for my poo, Thank YOU! 

But what was the cutest thing in the basket? This– 

A little sign to put on the wall to remind everyone I love D, my lovely lab lady. Lol!! No, no, no!! It’s for my pet parent to hang on the wall to remind everyone she ❤️ moi! Orrrr is it? I can’t puppy kiss and tell.

So worth the 700 mile trip!!

Road Trip Swag! Luv it!!!

Thanks to all those that like us! 🙂

I ❤️ D 

Ok, if I said my pet parent was a bit coo coo, I take it back!

She is Awesome!

Why? Because she she drove me 13 hours to meet this beautiful lovely!! The lab of my dreams.
Our eyes met across a green suburban backyard. It was tug of war at first sight. True, I do love me some big lab lady! Whoo knew? 😍



Road Trip 

stretches paws out, flattens belly on cool wooden floor, this is my kind of downward dog. 

If I haven’t mentioned  this, My pet parent, a tad coo coo!! How might I know this? Oh, a 700 mile road trip To Seattle. 

Moi, thinking Im taking a short trip to Petco. . Nope! Seattle!

So when we passed the petco, and the lady inside the iPhone, aka black plastic chew toy that’s WAAAYYY off limits, said 700 miles and your destination will be on your right!!!!! Yoooowwwwwzzzers!!!!!!! High ear ALERT!! Car rides are great , but they’re no patch of green grass to pee on!! This better mean treats every 100 miles! 

Do I whimper? Cry? stage a fuss? Nope! I scope out the car and look for a little crate escape route that will keep Miss Wheels on fire busy wondering where I am.  Will I or won’t I pee on car carpet? Heee hee!! I’m a puppy! I have a puppy reputation to keep! 


my road trip look

Snuggle, cuddle, chew, roll over and rolling right along on the big and very lengthy open road. I feel a whimper coming on, yep it’s a whimper! So pit stop here we come, I need and introduction to this famous place called Micky D’s.  

  You can’t see it, but if you could You’d say, ” Whoa!! Would you look at that landscaping! That’s primo green grass!!”  Golden Arches, meet my primo golden pee. I’m lov’n it!!! 

I think I’ve mentioned, the pet parent is coo-coo? Yep, who gets off the major highway to travel down a deserted road to look at a  reservoir beyond half empty? Ohhhh, She does!  


The green, where water used to be, or should be. The tannish red, how high the water should be.  The ramp in front of us, once used for launching boats, also suppose to be under water. Let’s just say, very little is under water around here. Definately a half empty dog bowl kinda place. 

 While walking back to le auto, I decide to trollope myself through some high golden grass. Ugh!   Soooo not a good idea!! Burr central!! My fluffy coat gets covered!! Ive learned not only am I a chick magnet, but a burr magnet too!!! Oh joy! I’m now in burr removal hell! Golden Arches, good! Golden hills, bad! 

Stop! I hate you pet parent! Stop pulling them out! Ever hear of scissors?  Grrrrr! Growl! Nip! Go away! I wanna gooooooo!!!  Hit the road, Where’s Willy Nelson when I need him? I’m warning you, puppy teeth !!! PUPPPY TEEEETTTHHH!! Will use them!!!!! 

Moving along Tired, and grumpy! No more xtra adventures pleeez!! So there it is, that monster mountain you see for miles, Mt. Shasta. Its like a giant peek a boo polar bear. It’s pretty, but it would look prettier with bacon on top. I’m just say’n. 

So hours and hours of ups, downs, arounds, and over mountains. . I’m napping and I still get it, there are a lot of trees in Oregon. Trees to the right, trees to the left, overhead, front and back! Trees!!!!! If I ever need a tee, Oregon is my go to state.  There’s even a tree on the license plate around here! 

Sundown in Washington and I’m Washing we were already at the end of this trip! Lol!! Puppy insanity! More trees!!!!  Are you kidding me? Does this road ever end? Interstate 5? More like interstate 5 million miles! Whhiiine! 


Heaven!!! We have arrived!!! 13 hours later, two Micky d Pitt stops, dry reservoir adventure, golden hill hell, and no accidents of any sort!! I spared the car interior my mark, I smell green grassy backyard!! Let me out of this Volvo nooooowwwwwwaaahhhhh!!! 

Yawn, The Beach


Rothko waits to see what's on his schedule today.

So I took my usual cruz around the reservoir this morning. Nothing major going on, another bright, sunny, calm day with one minor turkey sighting. Not too many people, a few cool dogs and a deer.  We came home and the pet parent decided to go pick up some human treats in Marin. Wooo Whoo! Another trip to Marin to see Steph. She and I practically always wear the same outfit. Her purse is red, my collar is red. We be style’n.


On my way over to Marin to pick up people treats from Steph.

On my way over to Marin to pick up people treats from Steph.

I ride in my little carrier, the same one I arrived in a few weeks ago. Sadly, it is NOT as stylish as moi, but it is comfy and keeps me safe. SO for now, until I decide how big I’m gonna get, I gotta ride in the hoopti pet carrier. Sigh. Paws over eyes! Embarrassing!

Rothko can't decide to go right ot left.

Rothko can’t decide to go right ot left.

After a nice little outing at Toast my Parent decided I should see the beach for  the first time. Am I excited? Ugh . . . not really. I sniff, I look, I sniff, I pee . . . can we go back to the car now? The sand is nice, lifts one paw up as if to say ewwww! The waves crashing, THAT white foamy stuff? It goes away, and then comes racing back at me? Is this another whack puppy social? I’m not in the mood to bark at the entire Pacific ocean! What am I suppose to say?YO! Back off Pacifico!

Ya, no, I’m good. I would like to know more about all those dead jellyfish though. (I call that . . . my ticket outta here! )

Guess who says, NO! LEAVE IT!! NO! NO! NO! (Blah, Blah, Blah!)

Oh ya! Guess who plants HIS feet in the sand when he hears, NO, NO, NO? Whatta ya gonna do pick me up? Make me leave? Ooooo! that would be sooooo sad. You’re right! I am SUCH a BAD DOGGY!  LOL!!

Rothko not so sure about this beach thing

Rothko not so sure about this beach thing

Surfers!!! I laugh, I cried. I’m outta here until I decide oak leaves are less entertaining. Bring me the squirrels until I’m allowed a dried jellyfish.

Beach seen, check please. Treat Me Mamma!!

Peace Paws out little pups! 🙂